TimeLog for Android


TimeLog is an application for those who are in need of keeping track on how many hours spent on different clients and projects. It works like a traditional punch clock where the user punches in and out to/from different projects. It also features a number of different views where the user can check the logged records.

This is the perfect tool for consultants, lawyers and other professionals who are billing by the hour and don't wan't to use paper and pen to log their hours.

This application can be purchased from Android market

NOTE: Read the license carefully before buying the application. If you buy the application, no refund will be payed if you do not accept the license agreement!

Key Features

  • Punch in/out of projects with a single click
  • Multiple clients supported
  • Multiple projects per client
  • Different rates for each project and/or client
  • Edit records after they are logged
  • Summary form with filters for time span/client/project
  • User selectable view options
  • Backup/Restore functionality *

  • * For backup/restore to work you also need the free program OI File Manager which can be downloaded from Android Market.



    For support or bug reports, send an email to android@enguild.com

    User's guide

    Click here to download or open the User's guide. The User's guide is a PDF document and requires Adobe Reader.

    Upgrades and release notes

    Version 1.2.2 release notes

  • Solved issue with wrong button size on large displays
  • Version 1.2.1 release notes

  • Solved corruption of databases when onDestroy is not called
  • Solved wrong week number handling for 2012
  • Version 1.2 release notes

  • Solved problem with false select markings in tables
  • Optimized database
  • Added progress dialog for lengthy operations
  • Solved bug related to delete of an item
  • Version 1.1 release notes

  • Back button will terminate app if in list projects or list clients view
  • It is now possible to move a time record to another client/project
  • Note column can be shown in project and time record list
  • State for edit forms is preserved when app is sleeping and thus restored when changing orientation of device
  • Export to CSV-file is added
  • Solved crash when changing orientation after a time/date-picker dialog is shown