IT security

This is a brief description of what we offer in general IT security areas ...

Key Benefits

  • IT-security design of high-security systems
  • Education in secure software development techniques
  • IT-security audits
  • Penetration testing

  • Capabilities

    We offer inspection and evaluation of software and hardware solutions used in high-security systems. The evaluation will reveal any critical security issues in both your hardware, software and configuration. We work by analyzing and detecting all possible threats and the implemented countermeasures. After our work is complete you will receive a report with the detected security holes and suggested improvements to correct these issues as well as improve your entire setup.

    The purpose of such inspection can be to ensure a certain level of IT-security, airspace safety, etc. or simply to increase the quality of your system. We have several years of experience in developing highly secure systems used by the Swedish armed forces for information security purposes as well as airspace safety.

    System Design

    We will inspect your system design from a high level point-of-view. The inspection will reveal any flaws in the design that will jeopardize the security of the system. The inspection includes hardware, software and configuration. The inspection will analyze the possible threats if you have not already done so and furthermore it will detect where you should add your security countermeasures to prevent information loss or intrusion in your systems.

    Our experience ranges from inspection of small embedded systems up to large complex systems consisting of several interconnected computers on different security levels.

    We can also offer our services in the design-phase of a new IT-system to ensure that you build the appropriate level of IT-security from the beginning, i.e. help you determine the threats against you and thus the most cost-effective IT-security solution.

    Code inspection

    The software inspection will reveal any critical errors in the code and we will also inform you of things that can be improved to ensure that future changes will not affect the correctness of the code. To ensure a high quality of your software when it is initially written will save you a lot of money in the end. It is even more crucial when you are developing a system that is critical in an information security manner or a system that will impact human safety in case of failure such as a nuclear plant, airplane, etc.

    We have expert knowlegde in most major programming languages used today. This includes Ada, C, C++, Java and assembler for several architectures.

    Penetration testing

    We have vast experience in penetration tests of the most secure military systems in use in Sweden today. We can thus offer our experience in this area to both civilian and military customers. We can test systems intended for delivery to a customer or your own IT-environment to give you hints about how an attacker can gain access to your systems and the information in them.


    We can also offer education in software programming techniques to develop highly secure software. This is not only helpful in development of security related software but also makes your developers think in a way that will result in less bugs found during late verification of your systems.