This is a brief description of what we offer in software development and integration ...

Key Benefits

  • In-depth analysis of your needs resulting in a thorough and detailed design specification of the software application
  • Implementation of software applications according to your existing specifications
  • Integration of your or third-party software into your existing systems

  • Capabilities

    We are ready to take on your problems at any stage of development. If you need documents specifying requirements and design of an application we can bring these to you. If you are done specifying everything we can help you implement your solution. In case your implementation is complete or in its finishing state, we can help you integrate this into your existing systems.


    We have many years of experience in producing the documents needed for a professional software development team. Since we have worked in many different projects we have gained a unique insight in what such documents should and shouldn't contain. No matter if you just need an analysis or a complete set of specifications (requirement, design and test) for a software project we can produce this to you without wasting your money on unnecessary information often found in these type of documents.


    We can be a very useful and efficient resource to your project when implementing your software. We have many years of experience in developing software in most major programming languages used on the market today. Our work with military applications where the requirements and testing of the software is way beyond what a civil application will ever go through has built up a solid knowledge in development of highly secure and effective software.


    If you need help with integration of your software or third-party software into your existing systems, we have the experience you need. We can help you as a plain resource or more likely as integration project managers since our experience in this area would be very valuable for you to save your money and time not taking the wrong decisions.