We offer the following services. We are very flexible in our work, everything is done according to your will. We work both at customer sites as well as in our own offices, if the task is such that we can perform it with our own equipment.

We are willing to take on entire projects and deliver the results according to a mutually agreed timeplan or to work in your projects as a resource.

Software Development

We offer our expertise in the three main phases of development of software solutions.

  1. Design
  2. Implementation
  3. Integration

Network security

We offer consulting services in several network security issues. We can help you with advice in how to tune your existing network and policies as well as help you implement a new network with security in mind. If you are thinking about getting a WLAN to your offices, please contact us to help you prevent unpleasent hacker surprises when you have started using your brand new WLAN.

IT-security and high-security system inspection and evaluation

We offer inspection and evaluation of software and hardware solutions used in high-security systems. This service mainly covers three areas:

  1. Inspection of the system design, what hardware is used and how it is connected to form the system function
  2. Software code inspection
  3. Inspection of Operating System configuration