Network Security

This is a brief description of our network solution services ...

Key Benefits

  • Analysis of your existing network and policies to find weaknesses that results in a security violation
  • Implementation of high security network solutions according to your needs
  • Wireless LAN security issues and integration of WLAN with your existing network without compromising security
  • Virus protection policies in a dynamic network

  • Capabilities

    You think you have a secure network and that nobody is able to read your company's secret information? Think again! Most major companies only have the ability to stop the average hacker from intrusion. A more experienced and educated hacker can easily compromise your network especially if you have one or more WLAN:s in your network. The statistics speaks for itself although most of the companies don't even let the authorities know that they have been hacked because of the badwill that will come if this information finds its way to the media.

    We can help you address these possible security threats and make your network more secure. No network can be fully secure but by educating you in security routines and securing your network, it will be easier for the hacker to attack your competitors than yourself.

    Our work with IT-security in military projects where the demands for tight security is very high has learned us the most thorough analyzing methods to reveal possible threats in any networked environment. Depending on your needs we can help you with anything from a small information session for you and your employees regarding IT-security to a complete analysis of every means of communication on your network.


    Education in security thinking and policies to make your company network more secure. This include routines for your employees as well as setting security parameters in your servers and workstations to the correct values.

    Analysis of your existing network

    We can help you with thorough analysis of your current network to address possible security violations. Even if you have competent network technicians it is a good idea to let some independent person take a look at your network since he or she might look at things a little different than the ones that set up the network for you.

    Implementation of new networks

    When implementing a new network it is crucial that you have security in mind from the beginning, otherwise you may end up spending millions afterwards to implement security that should have been there from the beginning. We can help you design a network that has a good balance between security and usability. We analyze your needs and implements the security level that is needed without making it too hard on the users to work on the network.

    WLAN integration without compromising security

    Wireless LAN is a great help for most companies. The cost for installing network cables and the inconvenience for the users with conventional networks is a good reason to implement a Wireless LAN in your company. The wireless solution is however a great security risk if implemented incorrectly. You can render your network wide open even for the average hacker if you are not careful. This is where we come and help you with our knowledge and security in mind. When we are done you will feel much more comfortable using your new WLAN and your employees will love you for getting rid of all those network cables.